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All Churches in Lisburn City Council Area

In and around the City of Lisburn we are fortunate to have many beautiful churches, old and new, and most, steeped in history. Over 600 pictures shown, have been compiled to share the beauty of these places of worship that stand as a memorial to the vision and sacrifice of the people who planned and financed them; to the expertise of the architects who designed them; and to the skilful builders and craftsmen who constructed the buildings and their furnishings.

This online article shows information and a brief history of all 132 churches and places of worship in the Lisburn City Council area and 30 Churches and places of worship in Dromore and Crumlin, mainly where parish areas extend beyond Lisburn.

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Apostolic Churches, Lisburn Lisburn Christian Fellowship
Baptist Churches Lisburn Congregational Church
Polish Mission Church Methodist Churches
Catholic Churches Methodist Churches (Independent & Free Methodist)
Christian Workers’ Union Mission Halls
Church of Ireland Churches Moravian Churches
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Presbyterian Churches
Church of the Nazarene Presbyterian Churches (Free Presbyterian)
Elim and Pentecostal Churches Presbyterian Churches (Non-Subscribing)
Friends - The Religious Society of Friends Presbyterian Churches (Reformed)
Gospel Halls Fresh Oil Church
Jehovah’s Witness Lisburn City Centre Ministers’ Fellowship

Lisburn City Centre (27)

1 Lisburn Cathedral
2 Christ Church Parish, Lisburn
3 First Lisburn Presbyterian Church
4 Railway Street Presbyterian Church
5 St. Patrick’s Church, Lisburn
6 Seymour Street Methodist Church
7 Lisburn Christian Fellowship
8 Lisburn Gospel Hall
9 Apostolic Church
10 Polish Mission Church
11 Kingdom Life City Church
12 Lisburn Christian Workers’ Union
13 Lifeboat Mission
14 Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
15 Lisburn Baptist Church
16 St. Paul’s Parish
17 Church of the Nazarene
18 St. Columba’s Presbyterian and Methodist Church
18 Lisburn Independent Methodist Church
20 Fresh Oil Church
12 Sloan Street Presbyterian Church
22 Lisburn Congregational Church
23 Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses
24 Mount Zion Free Methodist Church
25 Plantation Gospel Hall
26 Forthill Gospel Hall
27 Lisburn City Elim Church
28 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Derryvolgie, Derriaghy, Colin, and Lambeg

29 St. Columba’s, Derryvolgie
30 Christ Church, Derriaghy
31 St. Andrew’s, Colin
32 Church of St. Colman, Lambeg
33 St. Patrick’s, Derriaghy
34 Derriaghy Gospel Hall
35 Harmony Hill Presbyterian Church
36 Lambeg Baptist Christian Centre
37 Lambeg Parish Church and The Hilden Centre, Hilden

Dunmurry and West Belfast (15)

38 First Presbyterian Church (Non-subscribing) Dunmurry
39 Dunmurry Presbyterian Church
40 Dunmurry Free Presbyterian Church
41 St. Colman’s Parish Church
42 Kilmakee Presbyterian Church
43 St. Hilda’s Church, Kilmakee
44 Seymour Hill Methodist Church
45 King’s Way Church, Dunmurry
46 Church of God, Dunmurry
47 Dunmurry Gospel Hall
48 Bethany Church of the Nazarene, Derriaghy
49 Christ the Redeemer, Lagmore
50 St. Luke’s Church, Twinbrook
51 Church of the Nativity, Poleglass
52 Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace, Kilwee

Hillhall, Drumbeg, Drumbo, Ballycairn, Ballymacbrennan,
Carr and Ballymagarrick (8)

53 Hillhall Presbyterian Church
54 St. Patrick’s, Church Drumbeg
55 Drumbo Presbyterian Church
56 Holy Trinity Church, Drumbo
57 Ballycairn Presbyterian Church
58 Ballymacbrennan School Hall
59 Carr Baptist Church
60 Ballymagarrick Gospel Hall

Legacurry, Bailiesmills, Cargycreevy, Loughaghery, Boardmills,
Killaney and Annahilt (8)

61 Legacurry Presbyterian Church
62 Bailiesmills Reformed Presbyterian Church
63 Cargycreevy Presbyterian Church
64 Loughaghery Presbyterian Church
65 Trinity Presbyterian Church, Boardmills
66 St. Andrew’s Church, Killaney
67 Church of the Ascension, Annahilt
68 Annahilt Presbyterian Church

Dromara, Drumlough, Ballykeel, Edentrillick, Growell and Tullynore (8)

69 Second Dromara Presbyterian Church
70 Church of Saint John, Dromara
71 Dromara Free Presbyterian Hall
72 Drumlough Presbyterian Church
73 Ballykeel Baptist Church
74 Edentrillick Mission Hall
75 Growell Gospel Hall
76 Tullynore Mission Hall

Hillsborough, Eglantine, Culcavey and Ravernet (7)

77 Parish Church of Saint Malachy, Hillsborough
78 Hillsborough Presbyterian Church
79 Hillsborough Free Presbyterian Church
80 Parish of All Saints’, Eglantine
81 Culcavey Hall Assembly
82 Ravernet Mission Hall
83 St. Colman’s Church, Reilly’s Trench

Reilly’s Trench, Kilwarlin (Upper), Ballygowan and Bottear (7)

84 Hillsborough Elim Pentecostal Church
85 Kilwarlin Moravian Church
86 St. John’s Parish Church, Upper Kilwarlin
87 St. Colman’s Church, Kilwarlin
88 Ballygowan Mission Hall
89 Bottear Mission Hall

Maze, Broomhedge, Kilwarlin (Lower) and Hulls Hill (7)

90 Maze Presbyterian Church
91 Priesthill (Zion) Methodist Church
92 St. James’s Parish Church, Lower Kilwarlin
93 St. Matthew’s Church, Broomhedge
94 Broomhedge Methodist Church
95 Broomhedge Gospel Hall
96 Lisburn Pentecostal Fellowship, Hulls Hill

Moira (7)

97 Moira Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church
98 Moira Presbyterian Church
99 St. John’s Parish Church, Moira
100 Moira Methodist Church
101 Moira Baptist Church
102 Moira Pentecostal Church
103 Moira Gospel Hall

Magheragall, Maghaberry, Magheramesk and Knocknadona (8)

104 Magheragall Parish Church
105 Magheragall Presbyterian Church
106 Magheragall Methodist Church
107 St. Joseph’s Church, Magheragall
108 Maghaberry Methodist Church
109 Maghaberry Elim Pentecostal Church
110 Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Brigid’s Church, Magheramesk
111 Knocknadona Gospel Fellowship

Aghalee, Ballinderry and Tansy (8)

112 Holy Trinity, Aghalee
113 Aghalee Free Presbyterian Church
114 St. Mary’s Church, Ballinderry
115 Ballinderry Presbyterian Church
116 Ballinderry Parish Church
117 Ballinderry Middle Church
118 Ballinderry Moravian Church
119 Tansy Mission Hall

Ballymacash, Ballymacoss (6)

120 St. Mark’s Church
121 Elmwood Presbyterian Church
122 Emmanuel Baptist Church
123 Lisburn Reformed Presbyterian Meeting House
124 Trinity Methodist Church
125 Lisburn Free Presbyterian Church

Dundrod, Glenavy and Stoneyford (7)

126 Glenavy Methodist Church
127 Saint Aidan’s, Glenavy
128 St. Joseph’s, Glenavy
129 St John’s Church, Stoneyford
30 St. Peter's (The Rock), Stoneyford and St Joseph's, Hannaghstown
131 Dundrod Presbyterian Church
132 Ballydonaghy Mission Hall, Dundrod 

Some churches in Dromore, Dromara Aghagallon, Aghalee and Crumlin

(Mainly where parishes extend beyond the Lisburn City Council area)

Dromore - (Town centre)

1 Dromore - Banbridge Road Presbyterian Church
2 Dromore - Baptist Church
3 Dromore - Cathedral, Church of Ireland
4 Dromore - Christian Workers’ Union
5 Dromore - Church of the Nazarene
6 Dromore - Elim Pentecostal Church
7 Dromore - First Dromore Presbyterian Church
8 Dromore - First Presbyterian (Non-Subscribing) Church
9 Dromore - Free Presbyterian Church
10 Dromore - Gospel Hall
11 Dromore - Independent Methodist Church
12 Dromore - Methodist Church
13 Dromore - Reformed Presbyterian Church
14 Dromore - St. Colman’s Catholic Church

Dromore - (Rural Areas) including Dromara and Kinallen

15 Ashfield - Quilly Gospel Meetings
13 Ballela - All Saint’s Catholic Church, Ballela
17 Dromara - Dromara Reformed Presbyterian Church
18 Dromara - First Dromara Presbyterian Church
19 Finnis - St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Finnis
20 Garvaghy - Garvaghy Church of Ireland
21 Kinallen - Kinallen Mission Hall
22 Magheraknock - Magheraknock Mission Hall


23 Aghagallon - St. Patrick’s Catholic Church
24 Aghalee - Craigmore Methodist Church
25 Aldergrove - St. James’ Catholic Church
26 Crumlin - Crumlin Presbyterian Church
27 Crumlin - Feymore Mass Centre
28 Crumlin - Mater Dei Catholic Church
29 Crumlin - St. Andrew’s Church of Ireland, Tunny
30 Crumlin - St. John’s Church of Ireland, Crumlin

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