ALTHOUGH the records contain the names of the office bearers from the foundation of the congregation, the list compiled has been confined to those appointed since the middle of the last century as it was considered that this period would be of the greatest interest to the members of the present-day congregation.

Members of Session

1854- Barbour, William
Davidson, Arthur
Davidson, Thomas
Pelan, George
Wilson, George
1865- Bell, James
Duncan, George
Wilson, George
Wilson, John
1877- Alister, James
Graham, John
Menow, William
Wallace, William
Wilson, George
1886- Gardner, Patrick
Johnston, William
H. Knox, William
John McMurray,
Wiliam J. Wilson,
George A. Wilson,
William John
1907- Kinkead, Joseph
Kirkwood, Thomas
McClements, David
Morrison, W. J.
1917- Graham, James
1927- Chambers, R.L.
Coulter, Stewart
1927- Craig, Alexander
Crothers, George
Donald, Alexander
Fisher, D. J.
Millar, Thomas W
1928- Greer, William
1930- McCormick, James
1935- Neill, James
1938- Lemon, T. J.
1943- Beatty, Adam
Cowan, James
Fletcher, John
Henderson, Robert
Lecinard, Gerald B.
Mairs, D.
Moore, George
1951- Carson, James D.
Woods, James
1954- Williamson, E. T.
Young, R. E
1955- Frazer, H. A.
1956- Browne, T. E.
Johnston, William
McNeight, R. F.
McNeill, W. A.
Martin, Alexander

Clerks of Session:

1854- Barbour, William
1856- Pelan, George
1856- Wilson, George
1865- Bell, James
1872- Duncan, George
1877- Wilson, George
1919- Kinkead, Joseph
1927- Graham, James
1936- Chambers, R. L.
1946- Leonard, Gerald B.


Members of Committee

First Elected

1860- Brownlee, Wm.
  Beattie, G. C.
  Duncan, G.
  Durkin, W. S.
  Hanna, W.
  Kennedy, R.
   Kennedy, T
Macartnev, A. .
  McNeight, D.
  McNeight, J.
  McKinistry, L.
  Reilly, H. W.
  Smyth, S.
  Young, W.
1861- Bell, G.
  Gamble, A.
  Finlay, J.
  Kelso, Dr. J. J.
  Meharg, Dr. M.
  Moore, -
   McCloy, J
  Reid, -
  Wilson, G.
1862- Armstrong, J.
  Kenmuir, A.
  Kennedy, R.
  Pelan, G.
1863- Brown, J. B.
  Dawson, T. S.
  Duncan, F. J.
  Knox, W. J.
1864- Harvey, T.
   Kennedy, S.
  Martin, T.
  McClenaghan, W.
  Wilson, J
1866- Alister, R
  Boyd, A.
  Meanns, G
  McIlroy, J.

First Elected

1866- Pelan, T.
  R. Wilson, J.
1867- Higginson,E.
  Cree, J.
1868- Alister, J.
  Allen, H.
  Rogers, J.
  Wilson, G.,  Jun.
  Wilson, W. J.
1869- Anderson, W.
  Duncan, G. A.
  Ferguson, W.
1870- Chapman, W. J.
1871 Irvine, R.
1872- Carson, R.
  McCullough, R.
1875- Hutchinson, J.
  McClean, G.
  Wilson, S.
  Wallace, W.
  Young, D.
1876- Dale, W.
  McComiskey, J.
  Wilson, J. Jun.
1877- Brown, R.
  Mackenzie, Dr. M. B.
1878- Ireland, J.
  Kain, H.
  Patterson, W.
  Young, W.
1879- McConnell, A.
1880- Frazer, D.
1881- Clarke, S. W
Duncan, W. D.
Kirkwood, H.
McMurray, W. J.
Shaw, D.
1883- Fields, J.
  Lytle, J.
  McCormick, W. J.

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Members of Committee-Cont'd ;

1883- Rainey, J.
1884- Frame, T.
  Hammond, R.
1885- Kenmuir, J.
  Lindsay, F.
  Wilson, W. R.
Wilson, G. A.
1887- Ferguson, R.
  Knox, R.
  Mulholland, H.
1888- Brown, J
Kirkwood, A.
1891- Pelan, J. E.
1892- Kelso, W.
Priestley, Dr. J.
Simpson, J.
1893- Heron, W. J.
Malcomson, T.
1894- Coulter, J.
Hull, J.
1895- Croskery, W.
  Steen, W. P.
1896- Watson, R. W.
1897- Adams, H.
1898- Boyd, T. L.
  Coulter, S.
  Gillespie, W. J.
  Hull, F.
1902- Fisher, R. S.
1903- Entrican, R. A.
  Kinkead, J.
1904- McClemelnts, D. .
  Patterson, W. G.
1908- Brodie, J.
  Craig, A.
  Kain, H. G.
  Scott, D. T.
1909- Martin, J.D.
1910- Campbell Dr. J. C.
  Petticrew, H.
1912- Hull, F. G.
1914- Hutchinson, J.
  Johnston, Dr. J. G.
  Wilson, J. H.
1918- Fletcher, J.
1920- Crothers, G.
  Dales, S. H.
1920-  Johnston, W.
1921- Allen, J. L.
  Chambers, R. L.
  Ellis, J.
  Harvey, A. K.
  McAllister T. A.
  McConnell, J. T.
  Russell, T.
 1924- Boyd, F
   McKay, J.
  Steele, H.
1927- Coulter, F.
  Graham, R. H.
  H. Harvey, D.
  McNeight, R. F.
  Wilson, J.
1928- Smyth, W. H.
1929- Alister, Miss E.
   Hay, Mrs.
  Malcomson, Mrs.
   McMurray, V.
  Russell, F.
1930- Jefferson, J.
   Johnston, R
  Kidd, R. W.
  Maze, R.
  Perry, J.
  Thompson, J.
1932- McComb, W. H.
   Murphy, H.
1934- Thompson, I.
1935- Bell, W. D
  Craig, W. I.
  Stockman, S.
1937- Gibson, S.
  Hickey, J. P
  Laffin, J.
1938- Rankin, H.
1939- Browne, G.
1940- Alister, G., Jun.
  Browne, W. T.
   Martin, A.
  Moore, G.
   McClements, F.
1942- Burns, J. F
  Leonard, G. B.
  Tweed, K. P.

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Members of Committee-Cont'd ;

1943- Auld, R. H.
1944- Morrison, W. J.
1946- Browne, T. E.
  McClenaghan, W. C.
1950- Andrews, C.
  Beck, J.
  Boyle, J. L.
  Brown, H
  Brownlee, A.
Coulter, P B.
Cowarn, W. J.
Duff, H. A. .
Greenfield, J.
  Johnston, W.


1846- Bell, James
1848- Davidson, Alexr.
1857- Reid, John.
1859- Brownlee, Alexr.
1860- Neill, R. H.
1860- Beatty, Geo. C.
1867- Wilson, Geo.
1872- Wilson, James
1880- Mackenzie, Dr. M. B.
1881- Wilson, James
1883- Knox, W. J.
1884- Wilson, Geo. A.
  1887-Rainey, James


1846- Duncan, Geo.
1848- Brownlee, Alex.
1851- Pelan, Geo.
1857- Duncan, Geo.
1884- Northern Bank
1883- Wilson, Samuel
1886- Wilson, John
1887- Wilson, G. A. .
1889-  Wilson, George
1891- Pelan, James
1950- McNeill, W.A.
1952- Lindsay, J.
  McCall, R. W.
1954- Eaton, H. S.
1955- Collins, R. N.
  White, N. G.
1956- Conn, H.
1957- Beatty, J.
  Shaw, W.
1958- Malcomson, T.
   Snowden, S.
1960- Boyd, V
  Tyrrell, W. E.
  Baird, P.


1889- Knox, Richard
1893- Mulholland, Hugh
1899- Malcomson, Thos.
1911- Brodie, James
1913- Hull, F. G.
1915- Boyd, T. L.
1917- Coulter, Stewart
1919- Boyd, T. L.
1921- Chambers, R. L.
1922- McAllister, T. A.
1932- Smyth, W. I
1934- McNeight, R. F.


1895- Coulter, J.
1900- Wilson, W. R.
1911- Martin, J. D.
1914- Wilson, J. Howard
1917- Fletcher, John
1935- Stockman, S.
1938- Rankin, Hugh
1950- Tweed, K. P
1958- Eaton, H. S.

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1848- Noble, -
1854- Neill, -
1860- Kennedy, -
1866- Patterson, -
1879- Thomas, P, W.
1880- Campbell,
1883- Harvey, T. J.
1886- Weir, Wm.
1896- Moyes, -
1897- Harvey, W. J.
1899- Gillespie, A. E.
1906- McCleery, W.
   H. McClelland, -
   Holmes, S.


1906- Magee, Joseph
1919- Anderton, A. W.
1921- Ensor, -
1921- Ellis, T. E.
1934- Thompson, Miss W. E.
1946- Young, J.
1951- McCrcady, G. S.
1956- Blackburn, Wm.
1957- Arneill, J.



Minister-Rev. William Boyd, M.A.


T. E. Brown
James D. Carson
James Cowan
H. A. Frazer, M.Sc. Alexander Martin, B.A.
Wm. Johnston
G. B. Leonard, B.A.
R. F. McNeight
W. A. McNeill
David Mairs
George S. Moore
Clerk of Session- G. B. Leonard, B.A.
Honorary Treasurer- H. S. Eaton.
Honorary Secretary- R. F. McNeight.

Free-Will Offering Secretaries

W. C. McClenahan,   H. A. Duff,   L. M. Woodward

Organist and Choirmaster- James Arneill.
Church Officer- E. McClenahan.


Ulster Bank, Ltd.


Geo. Allister, Jun.
P. Baird
J. Beattie
R. Beck
V. Boyd
J. L. Boyle
A. Brownlee
R. N. Collins, B.Sc.
Hugh Conn
P. B. Coulter
W. Ivan Craig
H. A. Duff
H. S. Eaton
Samuel Gibson
James Lindsay
T. Malcomson
W. C. McClenaghan
W. Shaw
S. Snowden
W. E. Tyrrell, O.B.E.
N. G. White, A.C.A.
John Wilson

Honorary Auditor-S. Stockman, F.C.A.

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What pleasure and joy is derived from the flowers that adorn the Church each Sunday! Provided by members of the congregation over the year to mark a personal time to be remembered and then passing on to bring solace to those in hospital. The expert hand is obvious to all in the delightful arrangements of the flowers in their seasons-a task which Mrs. Macrory
carries out so quietly and efficiently throughout the year. Co-operating in this is Mrs. Coulter through the facilities she provides for a convenient reception centre for the flowers for such display.


Much is contained in the foregoing pages about the praise of the Church. Such names as Ellis, Harvey, Knox and Mackenzie resounded in days gone by and they created a tradition for good Psalmody and choral rendition in the Church. This has continued over the years and is ably maintained by Mr Arneill and the choir, in a most agreeable and pleasing manner.

Members of the Choir

Mrs. Brown Mrs. Conn
Miss M. Armstrong Miss C. Cowan
Miss S. Blakley  Miss M. Ellis
Miss R. Boyd Miss M. Frazer
Miss W. Browne Miss P. Hazley
Miss D. Cowan Miss M. Kidd
Miss C. Hallidav Mr. G. Beck
Miss B. Johnston M r. L. Boyle
Miss S. Johnston Mr. G. Knowles
Miss Y. McLaughlin Mr. G. Moore
Miss D. McNally Mr. S. McNeight
Miss M. Thompson Mr. I. Norwood
Miss S. Wallace Mr. H. Courtney
Mr. C. Bell Mr. W. Cowan
Mr. R. Brown Mr. D. Mairs
Mr. P. Coulter  

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SABBATH SERVICES-Morning 11-30, Evening 6-30 o'clock.
SABBATH SCHOOL-Morning 10-30 o'clock.
CHILDREN'S CHURCH-Each Sabbath at Morning Service. SACRAMENT OF THE LORD'S SUPPER-On the Last Sabbath of April and October, and on the First Sabbath of January (evening).
COMMUNICANT'S CLASS-Previous to the April Communion.
BAPTISIM-On the First Sabbath of each Month.
MEETING OF SESSION-Previous to each Communion, and as announced.
MEETING OF COMMITTEE-Third Monday of each Month at 8 o'clock.
WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION-Meets monthly (October to March). Secretary-Mrs. H. Conn.
BOY SCOUTS-Friday evening. Scoutmaster-Mr. W. Thompson, B.Sc.
CUBS-Tuesday evening. Leader-Mr. Robert Hill.
GIRLS' BRIGADE-Monday evening, Wednesday evening, Saturday afternoon. Leader-Miss Mary Kennedy.
BADMINTON CLUB-Tuesday and Saturday. Captain-Mr. S. McNeight.
MEN'S FELLOWSHIP AND INDOOR BOWLS-Thursday. Secretary-Mr. John Manderson.
TABLE TENNIS CLUB-Tuesday, Thursday and. Friday. Secretary-Mrs. R. Brown.
" PRESBYTERIAN HERALD"-Hon. Secretary : Miss Mary Millar.
" CHRISTIAN IRISHMAN "-Hon. Secretary  : Miss Mary Millar.
" WOMAN'S WORK "-Hon. Secretary : Mrs. H. Conn.
I.B.R.A.-Hon. Secretary : Miss Nora Harvey.

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THE: Sunday School saw its origins in 1814, when a number of the young ladies of the congregation came together to give instruction to the children in the Meeting House. By 1857, the need for separate accommodation for the Sunday School had become so pressing that the project, of the erection of a School House was embarked upon and was in use early in 1859. That a flourishing School was in existence over the succeeding years is well established and, from the records for 1887, it is noted that there were thirty classes with 413 Pupils on the rolls, with an average attendance of 330 young people each Sunday. At that time Dr. M. B. Mackenzie was the Superintendent of the Morning School and Mr. W. J. Knox was in charge of the Afternoon School. Mr. W. J. McMurray took over from Mr. Knox in 1890 and the teachers in the year 1900 were as follows :


Miss L. Alister Miss J. Wilson
Miss Anderson Miss E. C. R. Fisher
Miss E. Hull Miss E. Beare
M iss S. Wilson Miss M. Fisher
Miss Irwin Miss M. Wilson
Miss B. Boyd Miss McMurray
Miss E. Brown Mr. W. H. Johnston
Miss M. Knox Mr. Lunn
Miss Reid Mr. J. McCloy
Miss A. Wilson Mr. R. T. Crozier
Miss A. Kain Mr R. B. Adams
Miss Rainey


M r. W. I. Knox Miss A. Perry.
M r. T. Malcomson Miss E. Brown
Mr. H. Mulholland Miss E. Knox
Mr. T. L. Boyd Miss I. Knox
Mr. J. Coulter Miss Shaw
Mr. T. G. Brown Miss S. J. Douglas

Secretary-Mr. D. B. Simpson


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 From its inception at the beginning of the present century, Mr. R. S. Fisher acted as Superintendent of the Lambeg Sunday School, a position which he occupied for twenty-five years. Indeed, the deep interest which the Fisher family took in the work at Lambeg made their name synonymous with the congregation's activities in this outpost of local Presbyterianism. The devoted service which they gave so willingly over the years was, in no small measure, a very contributory factor towards the success which attended the establishment in recent times of a separate congregation to minister to the growing needs of the district.

Mr. Fisher was succeeded in this work by Mr. D. Kirkpatrick who also, by his wise guidance of the affairs on the School, made a valuable contribution to his Church.

The present day Sunday School continues to play an essential part in the religious instruction of the young of the congregation. Under the guidance of Mr. J. Cowan, the successor of a long line of able Superintendents, the School goes from strength to strength in catering for the needs of the young. He is assisted in this important work by a band of devoted teachers as under :

Miss M. Ellis Miss L. Cassells
Miss R. Ervine Miss B. Ervine
Miss S. Johnston Miss Thompson
Miss C. Simpson Mr. T. Martin
Miss C. Cowan  Mr. C. Kirkwood
Miss M. Frazer  Mr. D. Miller
Miss D. Donald Mr. E. Walker
Miss D. Cowan Mr. G. Nixon
Miss I. Thompson Mr. V. Corrie
Miss H. Todd Mr. B. Snowden
Miss K. Hynds Mr. E. Mitchell
Miss M. Thompson Mr. C. Bell


Miss N. Harvey Miss W. Courtney
Miss H. Hankin Miss E. McGrath
Miss D. Manderson Mr. T. Heasley
Miss W. Browne Miss M. Frazer
Miss C. Halliday Mr. R. McCartney


Mr. I. Norwood.


Mr. W. Johnston.

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Over several years now a Children's Church has been held in the Church Hall,- a most necessary innovation in this modern age. Here, during that period of the Morning Service when the very young would be inclined to be restive, then are cared for in a less formal atmosphere and kept suitably occupied.

This work is carried on by Mrs. N. G. White, Miss N. Harvey, Mrs. Heasley, and Mrs. J. Anderson in such an unobtrusive manner that one might be excused for taking it for granted. This, however, is very far from the case as the excellent work performed by these ladies, in such a self-sacrificing way, has the admiration and appreciation not only of the parents but, the entire congregation.
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We have now traced the history of the congregation from the earliest days right up! to modern times. In presenting it my one regret is that space has made it impossible to make reference to many more who, in their day and generation, served the Church so very faithfully and effectively in the conduct of its affairs. Unnamed though they may be, the active and live Church of to-clay is a manifestation of their labours for the congregation they loved so well. We, their inheritors, are for a brief spell the custodians of the trust 'they cherished. It is a proud and honourable one which, over the past three hundred years, has been discharged with but one thought-how best to maintain the witness of Presbyterianism in the town of Lisburn. We must not be found wanting.

Although this account is principally concerned with our own congregation, the heritage we enjoy in the development of Presbyterianism in Lisburn is one which we share with our sister congregations of Hillhall, Railway Street, Sloan Street and Lambeg. Ours is their story up to the time of their separate existence and we rejoice in the strength which has stemmed from the main tree.

The "sixties" have brought the centennial anniversaries of Railway Street and Sloan Street congregations. It is fitting that we should specially greet our fellow Presbyterians there, and their esteemed ministers, the Rev. Dr. Elliott' and the Rev. James McAllister, at this time. We wish them well and pray that the years ahead will be fruitful in furthering the great work being carried on in their respective spheres.

It was particularly appropriate that the Sloan Street congregation should meet at a social function to mark their centenary in our Church Hall-a building just one hundred years in existence and close to the site which, for the past two hundred and fifty years, has been occupied by a Presbyterian place of worship.

The years have intermingled us with those of other denominations, we have shared with them in good times and bad, and much of our history is their history. In particular this applies to the Cathedral-our plight was shared by them in 1707, and two hundred years ago, they extended a friendly hand in contributing to the funds necessary for the rebuilding of the Church and it was in the Cathedral that the congregation worshipped whilst the new building was being erected.

Our esteem and regard for our friends in the Cathedral is, therefore, more deep-rooted than just something created by modern trends and it is of particular satisfaction to the members of this congregation that their great church, with such a long and fine history, continues from strength to strength.

The story has been unfolded, but not completed, for this is only the end of the beginning. The present chronicler has completed his task and the unfinished business of the Committee one hundred years ago has thus been concluded.
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The information in the foregoing pages has been obtained wholly from the following sources :
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PORTRAITS-The late Miss E. Alister, who, for so many years took such an active part in the work of the Church, was particularly anxious that the congregation should obtain photographs of the various occupants of the pulpit. Her efforts in this direction have been invaluable in making it possible to include the portraits of ten out of the fifteen ministers from 1688 till 1950. Those missing are of the Rev. Alexander McCracken, 1688/1730; Rev. Wm. Patton, 1736/1745; Rev. Patrick Buchanan, 1747/1763; Rev. George Kennedy, 1775/1779, and Rev. Alexander Henderson, 1829/1855.

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